Working groups

Working groups

to Joëlle Casa, National Secretary of FLC CGIL Italy, from the EL working group on education

De Maite Mola, miembro de la ejecutiva del PIE:
En el foro de Belem se ha hecho una importantísima declaración, por parte de la Asamblea de Mujeres, que considero es fundamental recuperar para el 8 de marzo de 2009. Quisiera destacar de una forma muy breve las reivindicaciones de allí obtenidas, a veces tan lejanas en apariencia y sin embargo tan cercanas a las de las mujeres europeas.
En primer lugar se reivindica el papel de las mujeres como sujetos políticos. Como vemos, la misma reivindicación que se hizo en la reunión de mujeres de EL fem en Berlín.

The new Bolivian Constitution, which had been adopted by a large majority of Bolivian citizens, was promulgated on 7 February 2009.

WSF 2009

Representatives from the European Left participated in the 2009 edition of the WSF, which took place in Belem (Brazil) from 21 January to 1 February.

You will find here the speakers' presentations and workshop summaries from the EL FEM seminar in Leipzig.

Position of the participants in the EL fem Peace Seminar in Leipzig on 17 and 18 January 2009

Pictures EL fem seminar Leipzig © by eiltzer

From 17 to 18 January the feminist network of the European Left (EL fem), in cooperation with the feminist network LISA of Die Linke, organised a peace seminar titled "Women as Workers for Peace, Menders of Peace, and Preservers of Peace".

The Executive Board meeting of the Party of the European Left is taking place 14 days after the start of the aggression of the Israeli army against the Palestinian people in Gaza. In these dramatic days, it is necessary for the largest mobilization of the peace movement to support the demand of the end of the war. The European Left appeals to its member parties to mobilize in the next days in this sense. 

The Party of the European Left organised a conference titled “Another Middle East is Possible” in Istanbul on 19 and 20 December 2008 with the participation of EL member parties and other partner organisations.

Resolution of the Network of Left Trade Unionists of the European Left Party