Invitation: International Conference on Education, 19.-20.10 in Vienna

Invitation: International Conference on Education, 19.-20.10 in Vienna

When? 19th & 20th of October
Where? Unicampus Wien, Altes AKH
Conference Languages: DE | EN | FR

All over Europe the education system appears to be in a bad shape. There is a non-working bologna system, the education system is reproducing classes and there is a fi nancial catastrophe at schools and universities caused by the trend to market compatibility and austerity measures through the states.
These are only a few reasons why the idea of an International Conference on Education not only makes sense, but is needed to create new ideas and strategies for changing the education system. Therefore will take place a conference on the 19th & 20th of October, 2012 in Vienna, Austria.
The aim of this conference is to form a draft, that could lead to a “manifest for educational policy of the European Left”.
The participants of the conference are will be invited to join several groups for different workshops, who will be reunited from time to time. The main issues will be:

  • Educational policy in times of austerity
  • Education and migration
  • Educational movements in Europe
  • Education and gender
  • Democracy in the educational systems

If you are interested to participate in the preparation process or the conference itself please contact us by email:

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