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As is well known from the press: the German political scene is in turmoil. After another lost lander election in North Rhine – Westphalia, this time in the most populous German federal state and for more than 40 years a SPD stronghold, chancellor Schroeder announced possible early elections for September, 2005.

The Council of Chairpersons of the European Left Party An extraordinary political event has occurred in Europe. The rejection of the European constitutional treaty by France and the Netherlands, two EU founding member countries, starts a new phase in Europe and a fundamental debate on EU policies and goals. This new phase gives the European peoples the opportunity to intervene in this debate to demand a Europe freed from neoliberal institutions and policies.

An extraordinary political event has occurred in Europe. A pro-European mass attitude of the left has materialised and has won.

An Independent fact-finding committee of the United Nations (UN) investigating the armed attack of US-soldiers which resulted in killing Nicola Calipari and injuring Giuliana Sgrena is necessary. The European Left demands of the EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana to take the initiative in this matter in agreement with the governments of Denmark, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.

Appeal of the Party of the European Left on the occasion of the 60 th anniversary of the liberation from fascism and the end of Wold War II: 60 years ago the states and armies of the Anti-Hitler coalition together with the national resistance movements and partisan units put an end to the Hitler fascist regime. By the end of the "Third Reich", planned to last 1000 years, Europe and the world could breathe at last the air of liberation. No more wars, never again fascism, a radical annihilation of its power basis – this was the spirit and message of the time. These where the hopes of the people freed from the concentration camps. They were thought to shape the agreements and treaties between the states of post-war Europe.

Recently the EU has made a drive in the right direction trying to modify the so called "Common Position" towards Cuba. But nevertheless that step is clearly short-sighted.

60 years ago today, on 27 January, 1945 the Red Army liberated the German nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz. When on 8 May the Allies against Hitler brought liberation to the whole of Europe, for 50 Million people they came too late.

The Executive Board of the Party of the European Left, meeting in Berlin on 8th and 9th January 2005, launches with deep feelings and all seriousness a pressing appeal to European public opinion, to the governments of the 25 Member States and the leaders of the European Union: the dynamic of solidarity with the peoples of South Asia, so tragically struck by the tsunami of 26 December, must continue to be developed. The requirements of humanitarian aid of an unparalleled extent remain an absolute emergency. The immense task of reconstruction will cost billions of Euros.

The EL Executive Board (ExB) held its fourth session in Berlin according to the work schedule. During the two-day meeting the EL ExBoard members, representatives of observer parties as well as guests participated in the traditional commemoration of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, taking place each year at the second Sunday of the year to memorize the murder of these two revolutionaries in January 1919. For the first time this was a topic of the European Left, decided upon at the EL Founding Congress.

Today’s Palestinian presidential elections are undoubtedly an important contribution to the revitalization of the Middle East peace process. They could create a new atmosphere in the region and give the Road Map a chance for implementation. We, the European Left, want to do all we can to facilitate a peaceful resolution to one of the oldest conflicts in the world. We believe that the Geneva Initiative and the solutions it proposes should be used.