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The word, the voice, the ideas, the thought – Schafik Handal's figure lives in the hearts of the Salvadorians. He has already become a part of the fighting traditions of his people. There are thousands and thousands, that cry and suffer.The life of Schafik Handal (1930-2006) was dedicated to proclaiming truth and justice, to fighting for a just society: for socialism. Schafik lived all his life with dignity and he died with dignity. With the confidence of a fulfilled duty.

Mats Einarsson held this speech today in the PACE debate on the draft resolution against communism.

European Left Executive Board stated at its meeting in Berlin, 14 -15 January 2006

A draft resolution is about to be tabled at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) aiming at establishing signs that would put communism and Nazism on an equal footing.

25th NOVEMBER RESOLUTION Unfortunately, in the world and also in Europe, discriminatory practices towards women are a reality; we occupy secondary positions behind men who seem to be destined to dominate the world.

We, the European Left, gathered in Athens on the 29th and 30th of October, 2005, acknowledge that the crisis currently afflicting Europe has no borders, and that the neo-liberal policies decided upon in Brussels and by the national governments are to blame for it. These choices have been made over a period of many years, and the result is in front of our eyes, now.

Political Theses – Introduction 1. Building peace 2. Another economic model for a social Europe 3. Participatory and radical democracy 4. Building alliances

For two weeks now, many working class districts in France have been experiencing serious public order problems.


The Party of the European Left was set up a year ago. The year that has gone by is an important year. Carlo Levi, a famous Italian writer, in order to describe a very intense period, began a book of his as follows: “Long years have passed, years full of war and of what is called history”.