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We are happy to announce you the possibility for following the 1st Congress of the European Left Party on the web. Watch the live stream at

See below the EL Executive Board motion to the 1st Congress of the Party of the European Left, Athens 2005. The first Congress of the Party of the European Left is being held at what is truly an "extraordinary" time: today we are faced with the huge challenge of opening a new political and social cycle in Europe.

The National Executive of Déi Lénk – La Gauche (The Left) met last Tuesday to closely ana-lyse the results of last Sunday’s council elections in Luxembourg.

Please see below the Agenda of the 1st Congress and the Address of the "Peace and Friendship Stadium" of Athens, where the 1st Congress of the European Left Party will take place.

1st congress of the European Left Party will take place on the 29th till the 30th of october in the "Peace and Friendship Stadium" of Athens, Greece.

Christine Mendelsohn and Anastasia Theodorakopolou, members of the Executive Board of the European Left Party and representatives of the EL working group "social movements" participate in the prepatory meeting of the ESF in Istanbul, this weekend. See the draft agenda of the Istanbul meeting...

Coming a few weeks after the victory of the French "no" vote to the European Constitution, the German elections constitute a very salutary and stinging reminder for supporters of a liberal Europe. The SPD, like the CDU, have just paid the price for their respective liberal drifts as witnessed by one of the worst results they have scored during the past fifty years. By contrast, it was the strength of the demand for a change of course that enabled the emergence, as the country's fourth political force, of the new "left party" solidly anchored both East and West. This major political innovation in Germany and the hope that it raises among the German left confronts the SPD with its responsibilities: either it decides to continue its liberal policies with the right or it chooses to engage, along with the left, in breaking with them. Food for thought for the whole European left.

We congratulate you warmly and are delighted with your great electoral success, which is hopeful for the whole of Europe.

These elections have been called by the German Federal President on the initiative of chancellor Schröder one year before the term of the red green government ended. Confronted with a dramatic fall in popularity and a long series of lost lander elections because of his neo-liberal economic and social policies, its brutal dismantling of the German welfare state, the chancellor took what he saw as the last chance to receive the voters’ mandate to stay in power.

The German elections give a new and big outburst to the party of the European Left. The Linke successfully accomplishes an unprecedented undertaking in the history of the after war Germany: that of a mass consensus given to a party which places itself at the left of the biggest socialdemocracy of the continent. The Linke adherence to the Party of the European Left underlines the possibility and historical necessity of the growing of radical and alternative left in all European countries. There could not be a better encouragement for the first congress of the European Left which will take place in Athens at the end of October and in which Lafontaine, Bisky and Gisy will take part.