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1.4 Million People took the streets in France last Saturday against the so called "loi sur l’égalité des chances" (Law on the equality of opportunities!) According to this reform, young people, can be thrown out of their jobs for no reason within the first two years of employment. Also Trade Unions are putting more pressure on Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin to stop the reform. The French Communists state:

Third anniversary of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq on march 18th. World wide demonstrations will take place at the weekend of the 18th and 19th of march. The results of the war and occupation of Iraq constitute a shameful political and moral defeat for the Bush administration and Mr. Blair. We believe that whatever political processes are sent in motion inside Iraq, as long as the occupation continuer the bloodshed will not stop and peace cannot be realized. Therefore, the withdrawal of the occupation forces and the assumption of the responsibility by the United Nations for a transition to peace and democracy is the first priority.

In Italy EL individual members founded an association. On Sunday 12 February Italian El individual members founded an association in Perugia during a meeting called “European Alternatives: from Berlin to Rome the movements address the Left”, in which Fausto Bertinotti, EL chairman and secretary of the Communist Refoundation Party (Italy) and Lothar Bisky, chairman of the Left Party (Germany) took also part.

The 4th European Social Forum will be taking place in Athens-Greece on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of May 2006. The European Social Forum is, alongside Genoa and Seattle, one of the major events of the movement against neoliberal globalization and war, deregulation of labor and poverty, climate change and environmental destruction, violation of democratic rights and sexism, racism and the threat of the far right. Tens of thousands of activists participated in the first, second and third European Social Forums which took place in Florence (2002), Paris (2003) and London (2004).

The Left in Europe is a political movement, and it is a cultural movement. It does not only want to eliminate the economically based relationships of oppression, but all relationships of oppression, independently of their base in ethnicity, religion, or gender. The European Left wants to bring about a very profound change in societies in direction of a culture of humanity, human rights, and respect. We have departed in this direction. And we demand this not only of others, but first of all from ourselves. All the best for the International Women's Day. Join the common struggle for peace and social justice!

The EL Executive Board exchanged views on the ongoing debate in Danmark and -meanwhile - all European countries about the political implications following the development caused by the cartoons of Mohamed. It was stated

The last meeting of the Executive Board of the European Left Party took place from the 25th till 26th of February in Rome.

The word, the voice, the ideas, the thought – Schafik Handal's figure lives in the hearts of the Salvadorians. He has already become a part of the fighting traditions of his people. There are thousands and thousands, that cry and suffer.The life of Schafik Handal (1930-2006) was dedicated to proclaiming truth and justice, to fighting for a just society: for socialism. Schafik lived all his life with dignity and he died with dignity. With the confidence of a fulfilled duty.

Mats Einarsson held this speech today in the PACE debate on the draft resolution against communism.

European Left Executive Board stated at its meeting in Berlin, 14 -15 January 2006