The war in Syria cannot be finished through more war

The war in Syria cannot be finished through more war

On the military attack of the USA against a military base of Syrian government troops, Gregor Gysi the President of the European Left declares:

The war in Syria cannot be finished by more war but only through a very intelligent diplomacy which takes into account as many interests as possible.

The military strike of the USA was against international law because neither Syria has attacked the USA militarily nor has there been a decision of the UN Security Council which approved it.

The prior poison gas attack was a severe war crime but it should first be investigated who is responsible for that. How can it be legitimate to bomb before the clear up of an investigation. Even more so as it doesn't seem logical that Assad would order such a gas poison attack, as he is militarily successful at the moment against the Islamic State and others. Why would he be interested in such escalation especially at such a time.

And who has appointed the USA as the highest global criminal judge which is authorized to hand out such “punishments“? Additionally the government troops are fighting also against the Islamic State, a terrible terrorist organization. Through the military strike of the USA those are also weakened who are fighting as well against the IS.

The USA and Russia, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia and Iran as well as especially the different sides in Syria have to finally agree on a compromise so that all stop the war in the interest of totally innocent civilians who are always affected by death, injury and displacement.

Gregor Gysi

President of the Party European Left (EL)