Join forces on the alternative

Join forces on the alternative

Speech of Maite Mola, vice president of the EL, at the Volksbühne (Berlin) last Sunday


The Vice President of the EL, Maite Mola, was who represented, one year more, to the Party of the European Left in the Volksbühne, the traditional political and cultural event that Die Linke held in Berlin the second Sunday of January.

That same Sunday, at 9 in the morning, as every year, a wide representation of the direction of the EL paid tribute to Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, at the monument of the socialists in Friedrichsfelde, where traditionally the Berliners deliver flowers in memory of the murder of these revolutionary comrades 96 years ago.

In her speech in the political and cultural Volksbühne, the vice-president of the EL wished a great victory for the government of Thuringia, run by a coalition led by Die Linke, who managed a 28.2 % of votes last Autumn.

Maite Mola spoke of the possibility of defeating to the neoliberalism, the hope that represents the Syriza victory for the whole Europe and about returning the sovereignty to peoples hands.

She a call to add forces concerning this alternative, and of changing this Europe subordinated to the interests of the capital. Mola appealed to join forces around that alternative, and to change this Europe subject to the interests of capital. From the unit on the left, she encouraged to combat two threats posed to Europe: that of Treaty of Free trade with the United States, "a struggle that we must win" and the racism and xenophobia that is spreading across Europe.


This was his full speech:


I would like to thank Die Linke for the invitation to this important event. I would like also to congratulate you for the electoral success that you have achieved in 2014 particularly the great victory in  Thuringia. I hope that you will demonstrate that when the left becomes a part of the government, we are able to improve the people's life; because we implement policies that focus on the people and not on banks and corporations.

This participation of the European left in regional and local governments here in Germany or in Spain, Italy, France or other EU member states, should show something essential which is the following

There are only two options at this stage of the structural, economic, institutional and social crises. On one hand, a model of society more and more unfair and authoritarian, with growing social inequalities. On the other hand, the model of society which is looking for a deep social and democratic alternative that will put the economy at the service of the workers.

This is our challenge. We have to bring back the sovereignty to the hands of the peoples. This is the vital challenge of the left. 

Because the society in the near future, the kind of society that we are going to live in in the next decades, will depend on who manages to impose his model for a way out of the crisis. We or those led by Merkel?

In order to gain that race, we should change this European Union, which is subjected to the interests of the capital, by hindering one of its great aims: the building of the great single market. Because it is easier to rule this single market than doing so in the case of disseminated national economies. This is why they want to give the control of all the Eurozone to the multinational capital through the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investments Parnership) with the US. The struggle against this agreement will one of the most important tasks of the European Left during 2015. And we have to win this battle.

Even if I it sounds repetitive, we should never forget that the capital will not hesitate to use the war and create artificial conflicts in order to ensure its method in controlling the strategic resources and exploitation of the workers. All this in breach of international law which is the set of rules adopted by the international community to avoid the repetition of the barbarity of the II World War.

We are aware of the graveness of the situation but we will face it with strength.

There are significant poles of resistance able to build an alternative. Here and today I would like to take this opportunity to make a call for gathering the alternative forces which will allow us to decide our future, to get rid of the control of the Troika and to put the economy, the institutions and the policies at the service of the peoples and their needs.

The Neoliberalism can be defeated if the anticapitalist political and social organizations become aware locally and internationally of the need to combine speeches, economic and political programmers with powerful mass organizations prepared for structured and sustained mobilization, to deny the cultural, political and ideological hegemony, to manage that the ideas of the common good become part of the people's feeling, as something natural.

Now we have hope, a light called SYRIZA. Salvador Allende once said "a worker without work no matter if he is Marxist or no, no matter if he is Christian or not, no matter if he has a political ideology or not, he is a man who has the right to work and we should give him that ". We, the left

The Greeks have realised that the only political force able to achieve that is SYRIZA. On January 25, SYRIZA will reap a big victory. This will be the victory of all of us because they have shown in a few months that other policies are possible and changes will spread like wildfire to reach Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc. The countries that are on the brink of humanitarian crisis due to the austerity policies of the Troika, which led us to starvation, misery and despair.

The day after the victory of SIRIZA led by Tsipras, we have to occupy the streets to support the Greek people, who will be real winner so that the grinding machine of capital will not  try  to wipe them, to shouting that it is not a matter of solidarity with the Greek people, rather than the progress of our struggles in our countries, shouting that there is a project of  democratic, social and cooperative integration against this European anti-democratic and neoliberal integration

I would like to finish my speech by expressing my profound concern, as the extreme right is growing in Germany, while attacks on immigrants and Islamophobia are committed under the pretext of patriotism.

This phenomenon which spreads throughout Europe is a great danger and we, the left, can not fail. We must show that we are up and mobilised against racism and xenophobia.

Today more than ever, we shout

Hasta la victoria siempre.

No Pasarán

Long live Die Linke, Long live Syriza, long live the European Left