06 February 2016

Pierre Laurent: "The cultural battle is the big battle for the emancipation”

Inaugurated in Brussels the conference

Culture against Austerity



22 January 2016

For an action plan against austerity and the leadership of the financial markets

EL Action Plan

The neoliberal policies have failed in enabling European societies to successfully exit the crisis. The last months have clearly shown that the European Union with all its power and force – and against the democratic decisions of one of its member states – sticks to its neoliberal agenda.

21 January 2016

The EL denounces the attempt to outlaw the Basque organization Askapena (EN, ES)

*** Español abajo ***


The Party of the European Left (EL) would like to express its strongest rejection to the newest attack of the Spanish state on freedom of expression, following its threat to illegalize the activities of Askapena.