27 April 2016

The EL celebrates the Revolution of the Carnations in Porto

25 April, 25 sempre, fascismo nunca mais

27 April 2016

First interregional forum (AT/ CZ/ HU)

The 16th of April the first interregional forum AT/ CZ/ HU which will from here on be called interregional forum channel Elbe Danube took place.  20 Persons from 5 Parties participated. The 3 member parties of the European Left SDS (CZ), Munkaspart 2006 (HU) and KPÖ as well as KSCM (CZ) and Bal Part (Left Party, HU). Activists, leading functionaries as well as delegates to nationwide parliaments and municipalities attended. The meeting was very free and open. All the respective languages were being spoken with English as a support language.

26 April 2016

Communist Party of Austria’s -chair Mirko Messner’s first statement to the first round of the presidential elections in Austria

The victory of the candidate of the Freedom party – FPÖ – in the second round can be prevented – by maximum mobilization of voters for Alexander van der Bellen, Greens. For this aim the Communists must contribute as well!

24 April 2016

The EL calls for convergence to exit the crisis and change Europe

The Executive Board of the Party of the European Left, gathered in Porto, deepening in its Anti-austerity Policy

20 April 2016

Maite Mola urges the EU and its countries to stop giving lessons to Venezuela

In solidarity with President Maduro and Dilma Rousseff