24 March 2017

Against Repression of Protestors in Belarus

Being unemployed in Belarus means getting sanctioned on top of it. A special tax for unemployed persons titled "On the Prevention of Social Parasitism" forces all citizens out of work for more than six months to pay for the public services provided by the state such as hospitals, schools or streets. Despite an official unemployment rate of one per cent, nearly ten percent of the 4.5 million employed persons received formal notice. Only few can afford the 200 euro fine; no wonder considering an average wage of 350 euro.

23 March 2017

Event in Rome: "A Europe for the people and by the people"

  • EL/Transform! event with Alexis Tsipras and Gregor Gysi in Rome
  • ‘A Europe for the People and by the People’

  • A broad coalition of social movements, trade unions, social and political actors and organizations is committed to build up together, from 23 to 25 March in Rome a huge European mobilization, when the EU leaders will gather to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

06 March 2017

8 March 2017, the EL supports the call for the international women's strike

The Party of the European Left deems that it is very important that the political and social space we are building in Europe against the neo-liberal policies of the European People's Party and Social Democracy forces, is being crossed, shaken and oriented by the women's movement.