22 March 2015

The Party of the European Left participated yesterday in the Marches of Dignity in Madrid

Maite Mola: "It is necessary that we join the forces to be able to advance and this mobilization is an example”

20 March 2015

The EL supports the Spanish “Marches of the Dignity” claiming Bread, Work and Roof

The vice-president of the Party of the European Left (EL), Maite Mola, will take part in the Marches of the Dignity (Marchas de la Dignidad), next Saturday March 21, representing the EL, which, as it did a year ago, will be demonstrating in the streets of Madrid with the Spanish people to claim a country that guarantees Bread, Work and Roof, in sum, a dignified life for all.


18 March 2015

The EL condemns terrorist attack in Tunis and calls to respond by strengthening participation in the World Social Forum

The Party of the European Left (EL) rigorously condemns the terrorist attack of the Islamic State perpetrated today in Tunis, in the headquarters of the Parliament, the maximum representation of democracy, and shares the pain of the victims and with all Tunisian people.


18 March 2015

Statement of the EL Council of Chairpersons

The Council of Chairpersons of the EL met in Athens, in 14 March 2015, to evaluate the current situation in Greece and discuss on further political initiatives concerning the intensification of our common, European struggle against the neoliberal strategy of austerity.

16 March 2015

Pierre Laurent reiterates to Alexis Tsipras his absolute solidarity with the Greek Government

During the meeting of presidents of the Party of the European Left (EL), held yesterday Saturday March 14 in Athens, the president of the EL, Pierre Laurent met Alexis Tsipras to, once again, reaffirms his full and absolute solidarity with the Greek government. Laurent also demanded to European leaders respect for the democracy and the vote of the Greek people. He also requested the European Central Bank to put an end to the political blackmail against the road map of the new Government.